Kleine Wahrheiten ;)

why do men snore when they sleep on their backs?.. because their balls drop over their assholes and block the airway to the brain...


 Men are like lottery tickets. Very exciting at first, until you scratch away the surface to reveal the loser beneath


 apologies and excuses mean nothing, if you really regret what has happened then don't make apologies or excuses, make things right.


 Men always say why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free...well I say why buy the pig just to get a little sausage!!


 A penis has a sad life. her hair is a mess, her family is nuts, her neighbor is an a-hole, her best friend is a pussy and her owner beats her.


 The key to keeping a man happy, is keep their stomach full and balls empty


 men are like BLUETOOTH connection - when UR beside them they stay connected but when you are away they search for new devices.

15.11.12 20:09

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